Hi and welcome. My name is John M. Ruiz (that’s me on the far right) and I am an Associate Professor in the Clinical Psychology Program and Director of the Health Psychology Track at the University of Arizona. I also have the honor of serving as the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity within the Department of Psychology. My research examines how our social lives influence our physical health. Within this broad area, I focus on two key issues: 1) how stress gets under the skin to affect cardiovascular disease risk, and 2) racial/ethnic health disparities, particularly a phenomenon referred to as the Hispanic/Latino health paradox. This site offers information on my work, my lab – the Social Risk and Resilience Factors (SuRRF) Lab, and the fantastic team of students who work with me. If you are interested in collaborating or potentially joining our lab in sunny Tucson, please reach out via email.  


I will be looking to take a student for Fall 2022. Our application deadline is in December.